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Hai salam satu Legoland, :))

As previous entry, i was planned to fly to JB and bought Legoland tickets to fill in my daughter in her school holidays to be there. And we were there!!!!! WOWWW...very impress on that environment..ala baru legoland dah nak gila..biasajer actually, pergi Makkah lagi teruja tau dan x payah nak heran wonder most of the comers are from Japan, Phillipines, MatSalleh yg aku tak tanya coming fromwhere ?( x sempat nak buat survey daa) dan that am thinking the higher numbers in the Legoland are Singaporean.Certainly the comers from Singapore are the highers ranking, it is because of very near to be there, Along the weekends, Partial of the Johor economies is generated by Singaporean buyer.They buy the house at Johor land and make it their asset. So no wonder, when you see on the road it is alot of cars with singapore plate numbers.Huh...Legoland is the well initiative of the Johor Gomen to grow up the economy for attraction other country/ foreigner  to come here. With regard for kids yang nak ke sana...i suggest better siapa yang ada anak below than 3 years old, pls make sure those have got very ideal high, bukan apa....every entrance of the games shall be measured and strictly not allow to whom below the requirements.

If you wanna know, Ramai lak org luar compared with local. I meant orang kita x ramai sangat.. mungkin diorang dah sampai earlier than us. yelah masa openings on last September. After this post entry, I will be shared with you on the pictures of Legoland...ada dlm camera belum di transfer ke PC lagi.hehehe tunggu ya. So today is the last day in JOHOR, i was spent for 3 days in Johor absolutely for School Holiday. for today probably, i have planned to go to Hello Kitty. It is unplanned schedule. Special request from my daughter maaaa. For your info, Hello Kitty are nearby with Legoland. Also around Nusajaya. Nantilah aku cerita pasal Hello Kitty okay!!!! bye...


  1. adik pon nk komen..thanks belanja adik minum..kuikuikui

    Org jauh pon dh pegi Legoland..aku yg dkt ni pun lom gi lg..mana gambau?

  2. assalamualaikum wbt.

    congrats to Johor Govt. at least ada juga tempat Malaysian santai during school holidays. even anak kakCT dah besar, and yet they enjoyed it.

    but tickets was damned expensive kan. but still affordable and still cheap kalu nak compare expenses nak pergi oversea kan.

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