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Nuffnang in my blogs...

WAH kemaih kemaih....baru lah syok tgok..hehehe nampak takkat sebelah tu ade iklan by NUFFNANG....rajin2 lah klik yer...kalau dah termasuk blog aku tu plss force ur mouse to clik at "NUFFNANG".hAAAAHAHA PAKSA NI PAKSA...tak kira lah ATOK2 ke,makcik2 ke..pakteh ke,paklang ke berani berani kanlah clik on nuffnang..

RAHSIA Nufnang yang aku nak share....
Actually Nuffnang” is a word in Jafaikan. It means “Real Good/Cool!” Jafaikan is a new multicultural dialect that is spreading amongst young Londoners, whether their parents are of Bengali, West Indian, Arab, Brazilian or London Stock…

Above statements was taken from Nuffnang website. I do not know what is Jafaikan actually. Anyway, for short, Nuffnang provide you the chance to earn money from your blog.
I joined nuffnang at end of julai which is assisted by cottage story.Im hopping that this Nuffnang can earn money but slow slow...we learn and try to follow the successfull bloggers...this is embark on learning.


  1. yeayy!! chayok! chayok! klik nuffnang...

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