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An interview with Petronas

For this entry, i would like to share about my experience facing of 3 interview session. As interviewee i have to prepare before attending the interview. A week before hari raya puasa, i was invited from PETRONAS under "Petroleum management unit" to attend the Technical Interview ( also called technical assessment).Fuh im wondering on myself, Is it the step to build up my position? Actually i felt proud because of this interview. I must prepare myself to achieve this position...i can do, i will do the best after i failure with another giant oil and gas company last times. Damn, sometimes i always feel unluckily every interview session. it will not happen again and again. This interview actually only a chit chat session before they agreed to forward me for another nx step that called SI ( Structure Interview ). It quit strong to get the nx step interview because i need to make interviewer confident with my skills and knowledge as well. If i don't give 110% performance during that interview,by meaning that i gonna be failed again. come on Azlan !!! i know u can do well. The interview took an hour with good and nice interviewer. 2 person involved for that interview. One of them is from Hr PMU division and the other one Manager wants to hire this position. i felt very strict during interview cause of the question was think the scenario who i should to solve the problem and what do action to be taken. I got headache to think and to arrange every word that will be out from my mouth. hhuuhuhuh... i thought skimpy prepared. Adus... the end of interview session the first and last sentence the manager said" im eager with u......" but we have one more person to interview for this position...Emm i knew it...It is not the easy way to get this position. So im waiting for essential step SI interview. Ops before i left and went to the lobby from the interview room, The manager brought and showed the seat if i hire for this position. Uhuk uhuk...just smile and hopefully i will be there.heheheh...opss Don't be high confident with smile confident hahahhahahah............................


  1. that meant chit chat session is just the very first step before structured iv?


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