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Alhamdulillah the second interview will be coming.....

Thank you ALLAH, i felt proud 2 days ago.. The Petronas Management Unit called me to inform that i'm selected to go to the next interview ( Structure interview ). The first sentence En Zafri said...and asked me..U masih minat dgn post last interview....emm Apalagi dengan rakusnya aku jawab certainly!!! heheh..He was informed me to be standby and be prepared for the nx interview.I felt happy about that positive news. this is the step i should prepare nicely with studying and doing research. I'm browsing the SI interview on the internet then i found who the blogger sharing the interview same with my scenario but different step. i had an info with their blog...emm very nice blogs and assisted to my preparation...Oh i asked En Zafri with bonus question...Am i alone to be this SI for this position?He said Yes u have not competitor at all. after screening on technical interview.The info gave me spiritual to be prepared very well....this is the time Azlan...The challenges out there waiting for u...but i know it does not be mine yet! be carefully and does not be overconfident, trying to absorb first... how to feel and how to face the interview. U must remember AZLAN.. nx interview will not asking about ur technical knowledge!!!! it will be difference which is questions are generally management skills. it is comprises of several different sections :

i) One on One Interview
ii) Case Study
iii) Role Play Session
iv) Aptitude Test (Numerical and Language Test)

Oklah...kita sambung lagi yek....nak tido sudah....gud nite!!!


  1. uit! lama menyepi! hehe.. waahhh....peluang besar balik semenanjung nih.. chaiyok2... wish u luck bro!

  2. nanti dapat base kt mana?? kerteh leh jumpe...hii2 gud luck bro.


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