Geng Kembara Perantau



Hai sory owing to take a long time update my blog.UHHH now i wanna be highlight that why recently AIR ASIA did like that?upgrade the system?meaning that the system will be variable?I looked web for AIR ASIA cant sign in very well?The appearances shown upgrade booking at all.emmmm???why???
Is it one of the marketing strategies?It was occured for me last week which was tripped Kuching to KL.Reschedulling made from AIR ASIA, i should came early than my booking schedule.Fuh...tired then when i want to return from KL to Kuching 2 times announcement delayed.Approximately at 2hrs?I thought only my flight but the other flight also delayed.Im still thinking why AIR ASIA'S arrangement that weeks improper?
system and flight schedule at the same time not smooth very well....

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