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Port Bintulu

masih di Bintulu, aku nak share semasa naik TUG BOAT untuk aktiviti audit... ,Tug boat is to provide to assist the big ship, especially MLNG ship that carried to be an exports. Tug boat will pull the giant ship to go to the Port. Meaning to say, the MLNG ship engine will be standby and using the Tug boat to replace as a engine, this situation is a must to prevent and to maintain wave occurred at port and at the same time be a safety manner.

Ini adalah gambar sebelum bateri ku habis. pic lain ade dlm simpanan member lain...will be shown later.....

semasa berlepas dari Bintulu Port

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  1. ker inspection kat tengah2 laut tu..macam naik feri jer...ade chemical gapo atah tu..?


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