Geng Kembara Perantau



Certainly u all suprised that im in kuantan now.emm

Exactly, quit long story if im telling u,so make it short i decided straight to

kuantan without be shy...u knows y?emm it is because of this things.emmm....

my lovely durians...durians season is coming!!!heheh....durian also called the king of fruits!! u know why? no fruits in this

world got like this species...smell,skin,tasty fuhh very aromatic..

as usual,early morning a must to be collected the durians...if not emm be ware if u late!!! that durians will be a magic.A big giant

will be looking the durians without register to the owner....hahahha. During durians season, frequently someone bravely to be

declared as a owner...wakakakak.I heard this story truly from my relative. this an accident occurred before the owner coming to

collect the durians.She was KANTOI that time, very SADIS.....unluckily she trapped that day and can says "here is belongs to MAKCIK"

!!! perhaps ANAK yang salah masuk kebun ...wakakakak. shortly MAKCIK kena brainwash with ANAK the same

time MAKCIK always repeat ASTAQFIRULLAHALAZIM SEVERAL TIME...still dun not declare that her try to collect the durians without any permission and

without dropping her water face and to sell to public.HAI MAKCIK kubur kata mari rumah kata pergi....(this slogan very suitable

for her).At last,luckily i was found her and just smile and says in my heart MAKCIK MAKCIK...SENANG NYA HIDUP MAKCIK....

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