Geng Kembara Perantau


Something happens again and again.............

Once again, bukan senang nak join company besar2 nie, lebih lebih lagi aku nie memilih untuk join mereka dan masih tidak terpilih heheh...maksudnya takde rezeki lagi le tu..heheh. Susah memang susah, but this is the opportunity that i have to do very well. Untuk yang sekali lagi Allah memberi peluang untuk aku memberi peluang kepada diri aku sendiri. Jawapannya semua adalah aku, if im doing better, it will be mine. If im not, it will be yours. Ini peluang yang harus aku hadapi, Begini ceritanya, Exactly..i was submitted my CV thru my friend. Then the company that i was applied was called me and asked me to change the position applied due to the hiring manager wants me to change the HSE Executive to HSE Engineer. I'm shocked that time because of vacancy is executive no vacant for engineer base on the advertisement. They want to gauge me as a engineer owing to be checked my C.V. Well, satu lagi harapan aku, Alhamdulillah....i have got several experience at past. So the things make me lesson learn which is the preparation, the answering, the professional to be, I'm looking forward and always look better prospects to grow up my current position. For your info, i must be facing with 2 style interviews which is as usual similiar as Petronas structured Interview. Actually MISC was offered me that position. MISC offshore bussiness. I'm applied for HSE CORPORATE but It was offered me to join MISC offshore bussiness. Emm if i'm successful ler...If im not be hiring by them, Redha je ler....Hopefully who are readers and my fren bloggers are praying for my successfully.....I WILL DO MY BEST FOR THE SECOND CHANCES and the third chances are waiting for me as well.Insyallah....I have to be facing on Technical Interview first, then if pass i will be facing another steps.


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