Geng Kembara Perantau


now on d way to gedung...

Salam ...hari nie nak ke gedung..apa ntah ada kat gedung niee.kalau nak tau gedung nie letalnya atas pada serian lagi.jauh sikit le..cuma yg tak tahan nie,jalannya lah mana ada highway..jln kampong beb!opsss reminder,make sure the car's petol is full,the way to gedung u won't see the petrol pump station.emm so watch out dude..oh at the same time I'm thinking how's the celcom coverage?wait for me I will mention tunggu...sat no we take a few minute to take a rest.I've got headache taking along time surfing with my very first blackberry...huk huk..(Nak bagitau konon pakai bb)....

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