Geng Kembara Perantau


A land of hornbills

Assalamualaikum and hai for all of my frenzz,bloggers,readers who are invited or uninvited hehehe...kasar tu.

i dunnot know y im feeling well to touch the keyboard to embark and share and saying something what im thinking in my mind.
A land of Hornbills, this is the city of my wife, my daughter and me to dropby here with a month? a years? No ceiling and specific time to say,but anytime i will be back,i will be backkkkkk....kau tunggu kl..aku akan balik.At this moment An ultimate goals to back to semenanjung.How?Insyaallah, Allah memberi rezeki kepada hambanya yang meminta dan berusaha,aku perlu percaya dengan semua itu.

Dated,30 october 2009,landing to Kuching Sarawak lonely( A land of hornbills) wahhh second time im here to complete my responsible as a Khalifah ALLAH Yg ingin meneruskan kehidupan ini.Landed time at 5pm in frenz Pak jan and zainal were invited me at Kuching,airport.uhuk... uhuk...

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